Rahmat-e-alam foundation

Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation was established in 1998 under the guidance of Shaykh Mufti Mohammed Naval-ur-Rahman Sahib (دامت برکاتہم ).




To serve the community in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah.
Currently, there are three divisions under Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation.

Shari'ah Board of America

The central function of this division is to offer guidance to the general public regarding their everyday needs. Currently there are 11 employees and 10 volunteers assisting this division. The services provided are:



Darul Uloom Chicago

The function of this division is to provide comprehensive Islamic education in Tafseer, Hadith, and Jurisprudence (Alim course) for both male and female students, and create future leaders of the Muslim Community. A total of 20 male and female Scholars are employed in this department. Currently there are 200+ students studying here. So far 65 female scholars and 4 male scholars have graduated from DarulUloom Chicago successfully. Following is the list of programs offered:


  • Alimiyah Course
  • Online Shari‘ah Course
  • Memorization of the Holy Qur’an
  • Evening Qur’an recitation


Guidance Educational Academy

The aim of this division is to provide regular (secular) education in an entirely Islamic environment. We have seven full-time qualified employees who teach from pre-school through 8th grade. Guidance Education Academy uses the Skokie/Morton Grove District 69 Curriculum and evaluates the progress of students by applying conventional and computerized tests. In addition to that the School also provides basic Islamic education. The current enrollment of students is 105.
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Earn Sadaqa Jāriyyah



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Monthly Salat Timings



Warning against interest
Sayyiduna Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah Radhi-Allahu A’nhu reported: “Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul-lum cursed those who consume interest, the one who pays it, the one who writes it (contract) and the two witnesses to it (contract).” Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul-lum said: “They are equal (in sins).” [Muslim and others]

If anyone gives as Sadaqa the equivalent of a date from that (earning) earned honestly, for Allah accepts that which is lawful, the Lord would accept it with His Right Hand, and even if it is a date, it would foster in the Hand of the lord, as one of you fosters his colt, till it becomes bigger than a mountain. Sahih Muslim

Encouragement towards sincerity, truthfulness and correct intention
Sayyiduna Abu Darda Radhi-Allahu A’nhu reports that Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul- lum said: "That person who goes to his bed with the intention of waking up at night to perform salah but he was overcome by sleep till the morning, what he intended will be written for him and his sleep would be a charity for him from his Lord." [An-Nisai and Ibn Majah]