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What is Shar’i Zabiha Certification?

  • Shar’i Halal Zabiha Certification is a process of evaluation and confirmation through investigation and inspection, that a Halal animal or bird has met the Shar’ee requirements of slaughter of Shar’i Zabiha.
  • The certification is a statement that the Zabiha process is being independently monitored by the staff or a representative of The Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation’s Halal Zabiha Committee.
  • The Certificate of Halal Zabiha confirms that the cattle and/or poultry meet the strictest standards of Shar’i Zabiha.

The Application

In the application you will describe your company and its operations. The more we know about you, the more effectively and speedily we can process your application. After preliminarily reviewing the application, the Halal Zabiha Committee will require an initial inspection of the premises. The applicant shall make available their premises for inspection at a time convenient to both the Halal Zabiha Committee and applicant. Applicant shall provide the Halal Zabiha Committee with all further information that is required, either prior to or subsequent to the inspection including but not limited to, a list of all ingredients used in the production, names and sources of all supplies, a description of the manner of production etc.

All Applicants are required to complete an application form, a consent form, and the necessary application sections they are applying to get certification for.

Please submit a complete form in order to expedite the certification process. An incomplete form will delay the overall process time.

All forms are in PDF format. The filled forms shall be submitted to halalzabiha@rahmatealam.org or mailed to Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation's mailing address.

Download Forms Here

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Please fill out the form and send it to us.

1 ) Slaughter House.

2 ) Processor.

3 ) Distributor.

4 ) Retailer

5 ) Restaurant.

Initial Inspection and Evaluation

Subsequent to a satisfactory review of the application, the facility will need to be reviewed by a senior field representative. The report will then be reviewed by the Halal Zabiha Committee. Upon their approval an agreement shall be written.


After an initial inspection and evaluation, an agreement shall be signed that outlines the terms and conditions the applicant has to agree to and abide by. An agreement is a list of standard clauses and special clauses crafted for specific needs or situations pertaining to the Zabiha certification program.

Certification and Ongoing Inspection

After investigation by scholars and upon meeting the Shar’ee requirements of Zabiha, the Halal Zabiha Committee will then issue the Halal Zabiha Certificate and Zabiha production may commence. The company will be inspected periodically by a designated Zabiha compliance inspector. The Halal Zabiha Committee’s designated inspector will review for compliance with the signed agreement.

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Warning against interest
Sayyiduna Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah Radhi-Allahu A’nhu reported: “Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul-lum cursed those who consume interest, the one who pays it, the one who writes it (contract) and the two witnesses to it (contract).” Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul-lum said: “They are equal (in sins).” [Muslim and others]

If anyone gives as Sadaqa the equivalent of a date from that (earning) earned honestly, for Allah accepts that which is lawful, the Lord would accept it with His Right Hand, and even if it is a date, it would foster in the Hand of the lord, as one of you fosters his colt, till it becomes bigger than a mountain. Sahih Muslim

Encouragement towards sincerity, truthfulness and correct intention
Sayyiduna Abu Darda Radhi-Allahu A’nhu reports that Rasulullah Sullul-lahu A'lay-hi Wasul- lum said: "That person who goes to his bed with the intention of waking up at night to perform salah but he was overcome by sleep till the morning, what he intended will be written for him and his sleep would be a charity for him from his Lord." [An-Nisai and Ibn Majah]